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Restore The Original Gloss Of Your Vehicle With A Paint Correction In Brisbane And Gold Coast

Has your car lost its original shine and unique gloss? Does your vehicle have scratches and swirl marks all over the body? If so, consider paint correction!  

Every new vehicle leaving the factory has perfect shiny paintwork. However, with frequent drives and transits, the paint job of the car starts to deteriorate. You may soon notice new scratches on your vehicle without knowing how they got there in the first place! Such odd scratches and swirl marks usually occur due to the outside debris and dust while driving. Sometimes, dry leaves, twigs, and bird dropping can also damage the paintwork of your car. One of the best ways to correct minor scratches and dents is by considering paint correction. High gloss paint correction can also offer a unique, finished look to your car.  

At Gold Coast Polishing, we restore your most prized possession’s original shine and gloss by performing paint correction in Gold Coast and Brisbane. Our paint correction experts are highly experienced and professional with correcting scratches and swirl marks from cars. We use advanced equipment and tools for paint correction to ensure your car achieves a finished and clean look.  When searching for the best car paint correction service in Gold Coast and Brisbane, trust Gold Coast Polishing.

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Our New Car Paint Correction Process

Scratches and swirl marks can do more than just deteriorate the visual appeal of your car. Any blemish or damage to the metal body can result in rusting and other complications.  Therefore, it is essential to take the correct steps at the right time. At Gold Coast Polishing, we use a 2 to 4 stage high gloss paint correction system to remove imperfections from your car paint.  Our car polishing experts use a multi-stage process to remove damages, deep scratches, and swirl marks from the paint surface and prevent future problems. In the end, your car will have a guaranteed high-gloss finish that looks more appealing.

Here's our car paint correction process:

1 : Removing Scratches

Our paint correction experts start with removing scratches from the car’s surface using aggressive compounds. However, we make sure to use only the required amount of solution to preserve the existing paint. Removing more paint than needed can result in a thin surface, which may affect the mental body. Our scratch removal process takes roughly two-and-a-half to ten hours, depending on the damage.

2 : Removing Swirls and Buff Marks

Our next step involves removing swirls and buff marks from the surface. For this, we use a finer polishing solution and apply it with the help of softer pads. Our swirl and buff removal process allows us to remove any mark on the surface. We ensure only to remove the required amount of paint from the surface. The entire process takes roughly two-and-a-half to eight hours, depending on the damage.

3 : Final Process

Once our paint correction experts remove scratches, swirls, buff marks, and other damages, they focus on washing the car thoroughly. The complete process involves cleaning the edges of the bonnet and the door jams. Lastly, we will apply wax or seal, which will provide a protective layer to your paint and prevent further damages.

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Get Car Paint Correction Service at Doorsteps

At Gold Coast Polishing, we offer you a complete mobile service for any car paint correction in Brisbane and Gold Coast. With just one call, our experts will be there at your doorstep to restore the original shine of your prized possession and offer it an appealing high gloss finish. Being in the industry for several years now, we guarantee to provide you with the best car paint correction service with satisfying results.

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