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Paint Protection Correction

Car Paint Protection


We are Certified Fireball Installers, which is the World’s Number 1 Ceramic Coating for Cars, Jet Ski’s and Boats.

We’re also a 100% mobile service, so we’ll come to you! We’re able to complete the entire ceramic coating service onsite with your car ready within only a matter of hours.

Contact us today for Ceramic Coating Gold Coast & Brisbane, we’re able to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Paint Correction Starting at $599

New Car Paint Protection


Do I need new car paint protection?

Contact us today if you’re in the market for a new car, we can apply a ceramic coating to your new vehicle and ensure it stays looking newer for longer. Our prices are far lower than what you would pay the car retailers.

For car paint protection Brisbane, Gold Coast Polishing is your best choice. We treat every car as if it’s our own, taking every precaution and effort to ensure your car looks brand new. We’re able to paint correct older models and apply a ceramic coating to ensure the car is protected from;

  1. UV Rays
  2. Minor scratches and damage
  3. Pollution and grime build-up
  4. Water Spots

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